me and my world of kids!

An idea planted long ago will grow up one day..that’s what I believed.. Me, a teacher… a very close friend to my students.. I rather call them my kids, as I love them as if they are of mine… 16 years of teaching kept me at 18 years… never let me grow up. :). So, here’s my introduction of who I am. Teacher, who went through many hurdles in life.. who is always 18 in heart and who cries in the dark. ok ok that’s too much to say LOLz. My blog will talk about me.. my kids … and well…. also about the people who comes and goes out from my life 🙂 Join me with ideas.. suggestions.. advices or with your experiences… after all we should have a bit of a fun in life too. 😉


About apzi

An idiot!! fun! stupid! weird! rocking! awesome! n 18 for decades!!!
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2 Responses to me and my world of kids!

  1. Good luck with you blog.

    I have been a teacher as well for a long time – mostly teaching 18+.

    Hope you have nice stories to share.

  2. Navomi Handawela says:

    Wow…. well what should i say.. yes yes.. you will always be an 18 year old in your heart.. and specially with me around in school, you and I will never grow up….

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